Language Training

We feel that Clarity, Communication and Confidence are extremely important for success. We have met many who are good at their work but because of poor communication skills lack confidence and which gets reflected in their body language as well as their work. And this is where our language training methodology comes in to inspire such people. We believe the first step to improving communication is not working on the grammar but to remove the inhibition of the participants and making them feel that they are also good to speak. Our pre- assessment method ensures that we have a homogeneous group in the class. This ensures learning at equal pace as well as equal participation.

As a result in a short 40 hour module, remarkable improvement can be noticed. This is as far as English Communication training. As we provide foreign languages training in Kolkata in other foreign languages such as French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese, it makes it easier for our client when any such requirement comes up. They know they have the tested as well as the best as their Language Training Partner.

Innovative Training Method

Sangsaptak Management Services Pvt. Ltd. was the promoter of Inlingua International School of Languages in Kolkata. The company was incorporated in 2004. The license had been surrendered to inlingua in February 2011.

We make foreign language learning simple. Whether you aim to learn a new foreign language or brush up on your proficiency, we know the right way to do it. With select techniques, we facilitate the process with effective results. We have successfully imparted quality foreign languages training such as English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese & Chinese to thousands of professionals on behalf of corporates like Nokia Siemens, Wipro, Cognizant, Hindalco, Tata Consulting Services etc.

The focus is on Accuracy, Appropriacy and Organization of words and structures leading to effective professional communication skills as well as social contact across cultures.

Unlike the traditional method of teaching a language where the emphasis was paid to the grammar, we brought in a revolution in Kolkata with a unique and innovative method of foreign language teaching where more emphasis was paid to the target language than to the grammar. This helped the participant grasp the language better. This method of teaching is uniform in all the languages that are taught here. This is followed till date with immense success. Emphasis is laid a lot on practicing the language in a structured format.

There are three levels of Language Learning


The language programs are customized according to the need of the client. The company also believes in conducting proper follow up programs subsequent to the training which would lead to the efficacy of the program.

The Various Languages Taught:

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