Translation & Interpretation


Sangsaptak Management Services Pvt. Ltd provides industry standard Language Translation and Interpretation services in Kolkata, India. Our trainers provide exceptional full-service translation in over 240 languages. We work with a large team of expert translators and interpreters. We offer language translation services not only to and from English but any rare combinations in between like German to Chinese translation as well.

Having been trainers in foreign languages, we had the resources who could work as translators and interpreters. We took this to our advantage and set up our translation and interpretation wing. We got our first translation job of that of invoice translation, and subsequently we took up translation of various other kinds which include Annual reports, Transfer pricing, IT related documents, Brochures and many other kinds. Our USP in translation is accuracy and maintaining the assured turn around time. We do not accept assignments which we know we cannot deliver. Our first client for translation signed up with us in 2006 and is still continuing with us. We have subsequently tied up with translators all over the world and today we can deliver translations in almost all languages for which translation is required in the Business World. We are not only a translation agency but also have spread our wings into interpretation. We have provided Chinese interpreters in many set up projects. We also provide interpreters for other languages.

Sangsaptak is a One Stop Training Partner for the Business World. As a translating agency our mastery is undisputed and today we can boast as one of the most sought after translating agencies in Kolkata and India. Drawing upon a network of more than 11,000 professional translators & Interpreters, we offer our services in the following areas:

Document Translation

Personal Documents
Official Documents

Legal Translation

Legal Contract
Passports & Visas
Confessions Audio to text

Medical Translation

Medical Documents

Financial Translation

Website Translation


Interpretation Services

Our Translators :


We execute time bound translation projects. We accept translations from clients through mails, as well as, send out the soft copy of the translated version.

We keep absolute confidentiality of documents being sent to us by our clients. In case whether the client insists, we sign the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) as per the client’s requirement.