What does Sangsaptak do?

We can claim to be one of the top corporate training companies providing management training services in language and soft skills. We are one of best IT training consultant, translation service in Kolkata. For us, there is no standard formula for training. The same training could be completely different in two different companies or may be for two different batches in the same company. We believe as trainers that the content should be delivered in a manner which is best understood as well as applicable for the participant. Through our training programs we not only cater to the Company's requirement but we also create a bridge with the participants wherein they can always get in touch with the trainer through mails or phone. As a result, even post training, the trainer is available for assisting the trainee whenever he gets stuck. And then when the trainer feels that further training is required we do advise the client accordingly. We do not want to make the participants happy but to convert them into assets for the company.

We are rigid in some of our rules. Some of them would include:

a) Trainees missing 3 consecutive classes would be barred from continuing with the training.
b) Pre- assessment and post assessments are done.
c) In certain programs, such as the English communication or certain soft skill programs, external assessors are got to mark the participants.
d) Any participant who fails to qualify is not given a certificate and the Company is informed of the deficiency of such participants. The trainers are also hauled up as we consider the failure of the participant as our failure.Other than being rigid, we also involve ourselves fully with the program, some of which include:
e) Our trainers give that extra time before or after classes to those participants who need it.
f) Materials are completely customised, as a result we give hand-outs and not any standard material. Even the assignments that requires to be completed may differ from participant to participant depending on their needs.
g) In case we find certain participants are not serious about the program and their development is not upto the desired level, we do send reports to the client.
h) Mid Term Assessments are also held to measure the performance of the participant.
i) Feedbacks from the participants are taken on a regular basis so as to understand any deficiency from our end.
j) We employ such trainers who are qualified to take it up. We have our own evaluation process to freeze on the trainer.

And these are some of the reasons why some of our clients have stuck on with us for years. Whenever they think of training, we are the only name that rings bell to their ears.
We take up assignments only when we know we can execute When we take up an assignment, we work in an uncompromising manner that is we break our comfort zones to give the client more than what we normally could.

Our clients love us because of:


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